It is no secret that the beauty of having "fake grass" is low maintenance. With artificial lawn installation, very little work is required to ensure it looks pristine all year round. The maintenance required for artificial grass can be carried out by yourself -  it is that simple. We can happily provide you with any advice and support you require.


Brush regularly. We recommend that you brush your artificial lawn with a medium soft bristle brush at least once per month. This light and simple task will really make a difference to your garden. Brushing in different directions maintains the fibres making them feel bouncy and keeps the grass pile upright preserving the appearance.

Remove visible debris from your lawn such as fallen leaves, this prevents a build up in the structure of the artificial grass. If left this can cause plants and moss to grow on your artificial lawn, the brushing maintenance mention previously will help eradicate this or a leaf blower could be used.

Use hot soapy water to remove marks and stains. Particularly nasty stains can be easily removed using mineral spirits. Stains are unavoidable especially with children and pets but following these easy-clean guides will ensure your artificial grass stays like new longer.


Use BBQ's, bonfires or fireworks on your artificial lawn. It is made from plastic fibres which will melt when in contact with such heats.

Allow cars or heavy machinery on your artificial lawn as they will ruin the fibres ability to maintain their upright position. Wheelchairs and wheelbarrows are fine to be used though.

Allow gum or adhesives to come into contact with your artificial lawn, it will ruin the pile and overall look of that section of the artificial grass.

Sharp objects including broken glass should be kept well away from your artificial lawn. These will damage the surface of your artificial grass.